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ST-ACS Platform Type

Discount method: PLU discount, subtotal discount, plus, service charges, temporary price change, etc


1.50 shortcut PLU keys, 6 shuck shortcut keys, store 5000 PLU single items
2.485 external printing function, transmit print data in 1000 meters at most
3.Discount method: PLU discount, subtotal discount, plus, service charges, temporary price change, etc
4.Rights Management: 10 passwords cashier, 1 password manager, 1 temporary cashier, and 70 salesperson
5.VIP: it has1000 VIP, can set member integrals and rules of integrals
6.Enables to edit receipt head, receipt tail and multi-business reports. can be uploaded to the computer, easy query and management
7.By adopting RS232, USB or optional TCP / IP and management software, to achieve single machine set and multi-machine management
8.Set and input PLU library, system parameters, cashier information etc, by manual or computer
9.The battery can be choosed according to customer needs, the battery can support full two hours of continuous printing
10.Adopting PET film keyboard, the service life is up to 10 million times

Model ACS-6 ACS-15-A ACS-15 ACS-30-A ACS-30
Weighing range 0-6kg 0-6-15 kg 0-15 kg 0-15-30kg  0-30kg
Weighing scale value e=2g e=2/5g e=5g e=5/10g  e=10g
Nulling 240g 240g 600g 600g 1200g
Weighing accuracy 1/3000
Accuracy level Medium  Ⅲ
Print head High-speed thermal print head (printing speed: 90mm / sec)
Print Paper 57mm thermal paper
Keyboard 58 keys; oil proof, water proof, dust proof, high reliability structure
Main display 128 × 64 LCD display
Customer Display LED single display 5/5/6
Cash drawer DC 24V 405mm × 440mm × 100mm 3-position lock, 5 bills, 4 adjustable coins
External interface 1 RS232, 1 RS485, 1 USB, 1 PS2 (cash drawer interface), ethernert port(optional)
Power Supply INPUT: DC 8V/3A
Rated power ≤ 35W
Operating temperature 0 ℃— +40 ℃
Humidity: less than 90% relative humidity
Storage temperature -10 ℃—+50 ℃
The weight Net Weight: 5.0kg Gross Weight:17.0kg (Including the cashbox 8kg)
Dimension (L)405mm×(W)440mm×(H)270mm(Including the cashbox)
Size of packing (L)500 mm×(W)470mm×(H)240mm
Size of carton (L)500 mm×(W)470mm×(H)240mm

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