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Dimension: 285mm×255mm×289mm

IR, UV, MG, CIS detecting function


1.Available currencies:EUR, USD,GBP, RUB, CNY, BRL, INR, THB, and other local currency all over the word
2.IR, UV, MG, CIS detecting function
3.Can discriminate the denomination by CIS
4.Multi-currency detecting capability
5.Easy software upgrede and data collection via U drive

6.Banknote serial number recognization, and forward to printer or PC



Dimension 285mm×255mm×289mm
Net Weight 8kg
Detecting function IR, UV , MG, CIS, MT detecting function
Counting speed 1200pcs/min
Counting speed 600/1000/1200/1900pcs/min
Size of countable note 50-110mm/90-190mm
Hopper capacity 500pcs
Stacker capacity 200pcs
Rated consumption ≤50W
Interface RS232, RJ-11, USB, LAN, SD Card
Ambient temperature 0~40℃
Ambient humidity 40-90%

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