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Can be used in the field of catering, retail, convenience stores;


1.Can be used in the field of catering, retail, convenience stores;

2.Sales function:96 PLU shortcut,12 deducting tare, 5000 PLU storage;

3.Management: 10 cashier password, 1 manager password, 1 temporary cashier,70 assistants;

4.Member: 1000 members,support member recharge and membership card;

5.Rs232 or USB,can connect with background management to realize single set and multiple management;

6.Can be connected with bar code reader and cash drawer; LED money detect function; With built-in bar code printer and thermal printer.



Weighing accuracy: 1/3000

Weighing range: 0-6-15kg, 0-15-30kg

Weighing scale: e=2/5g, e=5/10g

Accuracy: Medium

Main display: 128*64 display

Customer display: 16 digit LED, 10 sales condition

External interface: 2 USB-host, 1 print port, 1 serial port, 1 power port, 1 cash drawer port (RJ11/12V).

loudspeaker: 2 W

Print head: high speed thermal print head, 58mm thermal paper

Bar code size: 58*40(30)mm

Printing speed: 90mm/second

Optional: storage battery(2 hours)

Power: DC 13.8V 3.4A

Temperature range: 0℃-50℃

Humidity: 0%-85%

Net weight: 6.1 kg     

Dimension: 400*479*513mm



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